UAW LOCAL 2324-Boston University Technical Office Professionals UAW Local 2324 - BU Technical Office Professionals

Welcome to the UAW Local 2324 Web Site

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the Local 2324 UAW website at Boston University. Local 2324 is part of the Technical, Office and Professional (TOP) Department of the UAW. If you are a new B.U. employee, we also want to congratulate you. We hope that your employment here will be rewarding and fulfilling in reaching future goals! Clerical, technical and research employees at Boston University are covered by a union contract negotiated between Local 2324 UAW and Boston University. The green "Agreement Trustees of Boston University and Local 2324 UAW" booklet you received at your orientation outlines your guaranteed benefits and pay raises, the University's obligation to provide a safe workplace free from discrimination, and your right to have the Union represent you if there are problems at your work site. If you did not receive this green agreement booklet at orientation, please let us know.

Here at Boston University, we have over 600 staff members in Local 2324. They receive
guaranteed wage increases, retirement benefits, tuition benefits, health and dental insurance, paid sick, vacation, holiday and personal time, and a grievance procedure with binding arbitration for settling disputes and more -- all as a result of collective bargaining between the UAW members and Boston University. We invite you to join us.

If you have any questions or concerns about Local 2324 UAW and/or your bargainging contract, please contact the Union Office at the number above. We hope that you'll think about the opportunities we have mentioned and consider your Union as a friend in your corner!

In solidarity

Chris Snook,
President UAW Local 2324